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Book-Donation to St. Elisabeth Girls School in Mulala

Two Members of our association, donated in the foundations name over 100 School-Books, Pencils and Paper to Elizabeth Girls School near Nairobi.

Thank you letter:

Dear Members

My name is Dr. Joyce Mbwesa, Director in St. Elizabeth Girls School- Mulala.  I  am  writing just to extend my  great appreciation  of your visit  and your  book donation  to the School. These books are going to be of great help to the Girls

thank you once again
Joyce Mbwesa


Primary School children from Benninghofen (Dortmund) donate 1000€ for the Kids-Christmas-Wish-Event

During their school party, the pubils sold 1000 lots and donate the money.

We like to thank all of the children, teachers and parents



c/o Jens Hebebrand
Küpferstraße 1
D-44135 Dortmund 

T: (02306) 4 26 28